Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

 It is the aim of the Directors to constantly acknowledge, and accept full responsibility for any effect that the company could have on the environment as a direct result of the manufacturing, and any related processes conducted by Kingstown Furniture Limited.

 To this end, the Company has appointed a responsible person to act on behalf of the Directors and advise them of any issues that relate to this policy or of any issues arising that are in conflict with this policy.

 It is the Company’s policy to manage and control those activities that could directly pollute land, air or water as a result of its activities and also to manage and control any impacts on the environment by means of using energy and raw materials efficiently and thus reduce waste.

 The Company acknowledges the need to contribute to sustainability by the efficient usage of raw materials, the reduction of waste and the recycling of materials wherever reasonably practicable.

 As we are committed to the principle of a sustainable forestry ecosystem, it is the policy of Kingstown Furniture Limited to endeavour to only use any solid timber or timber derivatives in our production that have been sourced from those forests that are well managed and have been Forest Stewardship Council® certified.

 In 2011 we achieved FSC® Certification through the Chain of Custody. Our FSC Licence Code is FSC-C104691.

 This policy will be made available throughout all levels of the company and to the public on request



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