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New Area Sales Manager South West

Posted: 05th September 2018 in Company

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Charlotte Young as Kingstown Furniture’s new Area Sales Manager for the South West. Charlotte’s commitment to delivering quality customer service combined with her breadth of sales expertise and keen eye for style will be a valuable asset to Kingstown customers.

Charlotte’s journey into commercial sales started in the cosmetics industry, where she honed her skills in customer relations and an appreciation for the importance of excellent service and values which she now brings to her role at Kingstown. As a proud ‘people person’ who genuinely enjoys developing and nurturing new and existing relationships, Charlotte believes that such relationships is just as important as the goods or services she is selling, and trust is now more important to customers than ever before.

“People buy into people; they’re looking to buy from businesses that they can trust. As a family-owned business spanning a number of generations, Kingstown has a strong foundation, with networks and partnerships built on trust. If you have a great relationship with customers and are open and you are honest from the start, the relationships you build can withstand challenging market conditions and the natural ebbs and flows of any working partnership. I look forward to bringing my years of experience in managing customer relationships to my new position at Kingstown.”

Teamwork is an integral element of Kingstown and one of the key reasons why Charlotte felt compelled to apply for the position. “As a family-run business with such a close working team, Kingstown is very supportive of the development of its staff. The history, the products and their central values structure all attracted me to the business, and the team came immediately across as one that I could see myself being a part of.”

With an acute sales acumen and years of business insight, Charlotte looks ahead to the future of the industry and explains why Kingstown’s ranges have been so popular and why she will continue to drive sales.

“A common element across the ranges is sophistication. Even if fashion changes dramatically tomorrow for home and living design, the designs are excellent and the colours, shapes and lines that Kingstown have chosen throughout their ranges are never going to go out of style – it’s the ‘little black dress’ of furniture, it’s always a good choice and it will stand the test of time.”

Charlotte jokes that since starting at Kingstown, her husband is growing more and more concerned as she keeps sending him pictures of the different ranges. “Azure is my favourite at the moment,” she jokes, highlighting the cream and neutral colour palette and elegantly curved handles. “My husband is quite worried that I’m going to redesign the house already!”

Although she has only been in her role a week, Charlotte has settled in really well with the rest of the team, and is already looking ahead to opportunities in the coming months that will allow her to make a real, positive impact on her customers.

“The products are absolutely fantastic, they have a universal appeal, rather than being specifically designed to attract one particular demographic of consumer-there’s literally something for everyone. There are lots of companies out there that can’t say that, whereas Kingstown have continued to diversify and evolve their ranges to reflect the trends of all of their customers – particularly demonstrated with their recent move into new areas of the home.”

“As a customer, it’s important knowing you’re buying amazing, quality furniture and supporting a family company. I’m looking forward to sharing that with people.”


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