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New Area Sales Manager North West & North Wales

Posted: 30th October 2018 in Company

Kingstown Welcomes Lexi Quinn as North West Area Sales Manager

Kingstown Furniture would like to welcome Lexi Quinn to the team as our new Area Sales Manager for the North West. With eight years previous experience behind her in bedroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom sales, Lexi is bringing a vast catalogue of skills to the Kingstown team.

Lexi will utilise her extensive knowledge of the furniture market to demonstrate key product features to retailers and stockists and looks forward to supporting their own sales teams as they explain the key features and benefits of the ready-assembled Kingstown ranges to their own customers.  

Lexi recently returned from the Autumn Furniture Show at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire to meet and greet a variety of retailers, stockists and new customers. Many of the new Kingstown furniture ranges were on show and Lexi is enthusiastic to promote these to new customers.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere of the shows and they are a great way to hear client feedback and see the reactions to new ranges. Kingstown is a well-established furniture manufacturer and a well-respected, family-owned brand, so it’s great to be able to engage with customers and experience a warm reception as a result of the high levels of service we pride ourselves on.”

Despite the uncertainties surrounding businesses in the wake of Brexit, Lexi is confident that sales will continue to grow as more customers turn to British-made goods.

“Kingstown will continue to go from strength to strength during Brexit. British furniture is known for its high levels of quality and we’re proud that we source many of our parts locally, meaning that the costs of our furniture won’t be dramatically affected and we can continue to deliver the great pieces we’re known for.”

As well as being manufactured in Britain, Lexi notes the other advantages of Kingstown’s ranges and why the future looks bright for Kingstown.

“One of the greatest selling factors of Kingstown’s ranges other than having a wide choice with beautiful finishes and colours is that all of Kingstown’s ranges are made bespoke. It is easier to cross-sell and up-sell because the customer can tailor their entire home from room to room with matching, original furniture.”

As a very driven, goal-orientated individual, Kingstown has no doubt that Lexi will thrive in her new role.

“I’m delighted to become a part of an established company with clear business lines and a very warm culture. I look forward to working alongside other members of the Kingstown team as we promote all of our furniture ranges and support our fantastic stockists and customers in the North West region,” Lexi finishes.



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